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By Anna Ostraya

January 30, 2023

This image was generated by AI via StarryAI

What is ChatGTP
ChatGTP is a chatbot created by OpenAI that was launched in November last year. This artificial intelligence tool can generate original text allowing users to interact with it conversationally. The bot can answer questions without being explicitly told what the answer should be. It is distinct from other AI because it uses its own intellect to comprise things ranging from songs and poems to writing essays and answering complex questions that we ourselves may not know the answers to.
Business benefits
This AI is highly beneficial with everything related to customer support. Chatboxes are the best way of getting quick and accurate responses to any questions a client might have, such as helping with navigation around a website, answering frequently asked questions, and getting the details on any products or services you offer. 
Freeing up valuable time for agents means they can put quality work into more complex and unique issues that may arise. Moreover, by working closely with the customers themselves, ChatGTP will have the ability to manage valuable data like collecting user feedback and conducting surveys. 
Looking at the way sales can be handled, the bot has the complete capability of developing sales pitches entirely customized to your requirements and prompts. If you suppose the writing is not quite there, you can ask for certain changes and the AI will correct itself. 
Marketing benefits 
ChatGPT can help new entrepreneurs by providing coherent marketing strategies that can help their products reach potential clients. To stay up to date, the bot is great at calculating the trending keywords that marketers can use for optimizing and directing their content to a target audience. 
Perhaps one of the best uses for ChatGTP in our opinion is its ability to constantly curate and research content that can be spread across various platforms. This becomes helpful when your acquired audience becomes interested and most importantly engaged, boosting your online presence to the max. 
What are the drawbacks?
Some of the most important things for a business are its voice and values. Consequently, you will have to go over and edit any complex writing you generate in the bot to make sure it perfectly aligns with the message you're trying to spread.
It is safe to assume that an AI bot will never fully replicate the intelligence and emotion a human being can produce. This can cause a business to lose its uniqueness and make the content look generic and soulless in the long run. Incorporating meaningful writing into the process is crucial. 

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