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Case study



0-20k Followers

Our marketing agency recently had the opportunity to work Fire Up Halal Grill, a popular food establishment that specializes in New York style halal cuisine. Fire Up Halal Grill wanted to expand its reach and attract more customers through social media. Our team took on the challenge and came up with a plan to grow their social media presence by using reels and a strong brand strategy.

First, we conducted research on the target audience. We found that the audience for halal food was highly engaged on Instagram and preferred short-form video content. This led us to focus our efforts on creating reels, Instagram's short-form video feature, as the primary content for the Fire Up social media channels.

We then developed a brand strategy that would differentiate the halal joint from its competitors and appeal to its target audience. Our strategy focused on showcasing the authenticity of the halal joint's cuisine, highlighting its commitment to quality ingredients, and emphasizing the restaurant's welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Using this strategy, we created a series of reels that showcased the restaurant's unique dishes and highlighted its values. We used engaging and informative captions and included relevant hashtags to increase the reach of the content. We also collaborated with popular food bloggers, which further increased the halal joint's reach and visibility.

As a result of our efforts, Fire Up Halal Grill's social media channels experienced significant growth. Within less than six months, we were able to grow their Instagram account to over 20,000 followers. The reels we created were highly engaging and had a high share rate, which helped the content reach new audiences and attract more followers. Our brand strategy also helped them stand out from its competitors and establish a loyal fanbase among its target audience.

In conclusion, SHTROM was able to help Fire Up Grill achieve its goal of expanding its reach and attracting more customers through social media. By leveraging the power of reels and developing a strong brand strategy, we were able to grow the their social media presence significantly. We are proud of our work and look forward to helping more businesses achieve their goals through effective social media marketing strategies.

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