on Social Media Platforms

As the founder of $HTROM, marketing professional, a big fan of cognitive and behavioral psychology, my most favorite thing in the marketing field is BRANDING and I’d like to talk about the importance of it:

You must develop your own style (pictures/videos), (wording structures), (slogans), ways of presenting yourself as a brand and as a HUMANBEING.
Stay Cohesive with your brand.

ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS, keep your reputation. Don’t ever ruin it. Think 10 steps ahead and avoid small mistakes that can affect the representation of YOU and your affairs.
(Will Smith’s example)

When it comes to your brand, you should be dedicated, picky and ambitious. It starts with your colors and visuals and extends to a whole ecosystem of psychological behavior and representation of your brand on social media. Your approach should stay incredibly cohesive, aesthetic and unique.

After it’s mastered, all you have to do is to
STAND OUT™️ from others, develop trust and expand.

Here at $HTROM, we are more than happy to work with what we truly love: BUILDING BRANDS

Corporate Brands (small, mid-size, large-scale businesses) Personal Brands (influencers, upcoming influencers), Product (start-ups, drop shipping & more)
Stand Out on Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn.


April 16, 2022